Louvre Abu Dhabi

Role: ,

So they asked me if I could film this film in a tight schedule of three weeks.
6 locations, nearly 80 shots. And go.

Very happy with the end-result.

Beautiful building out in Abu Dhabi.
If you can handle the extreme temperatures, it’s worth a visit.
Opens November 11th.

Agency: TBWA \ RAAD
Production Company: Made.for.Digital
Producer: Bernd Out Gideon Rijnders
Script: Wolfganson Kollar & Phountain
Music: Jonas Pap
Edit: Ted Alkemade
After Effects: Guy Brüggemann & Torben Fischer
Grading: Rik Mahieu
Audio mix and SFX: Joey Buddenberg De AudioFabrique
NY footage: Eric & Lena Halberstadt from

Kira Kroegman you did amazing!

Thanks for all involved!