KNVB Volg Je Voeten


Fun TVC for KNVB to inspire young kids to start playing soccer.
Having played football at a club from the age of 5, I know how much fun it can be.

Being called trainer on the field by the young soccer players as we were filming was one of the many highlights. 2 more video’s to come!

Amazing […]

Well Fed

Role: , ,

This story follows two guys, Hidde (journalist) and Karsten (actor), who set on a quest to tell a story about GMOs that seldom reaches the general public.

Filmed in the UK, Bangladesh and the Netherlands.

Het Vergeten Kind


TV commercial for Het Vergeten Kind for The Boardroom.

Great teamwork with:
Kim Verduijn (art)
Odin Pepper (camera)
Stijn Jonkhart (lights)
Bjorn Schumacher (grip)
Julia Cereijo (1st AC)

Special thanks to Cam-A-Lot, Lites and Alard Studio’s